Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement

The Village Bank is committed to meet the desires of our customers. As a provider of financial services entrusted with sensitive financial information, we are committed to provide the highest level of security and privacy of that information. We respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to treating customer information responsibly. We have adopted the following policies and procedures. They are designed to protect the information that you have entrusted with us.

The Village Bank Employees

The Village Bank employees are governed by a strict code of conduct, which includes the importance of our customers' rights and expectations of privacy. Information is shared strictly on a "need to know" basis, and only with those who have a legal right to that information. Our employees are educated as to the importance of this issue, and stern disciplinary measures are used to enforce it.

Electronic Banking

The Village Bank respects your right to privacy and takes precautions to provide you with the same level of privacy within any electronic banking product that you receive through more traditional bank delivery channels. The vendors or service providers who help us perform transactions are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of non public personal information that we provide to them.

The electronic collection of personal information is designed to protect access to your personal accounts and to assist the bank in providing you with the products and services you want and need. All personal information collected and stored by the bank is used for specific purposes, to protect and administer your personal accounts and transactions, to comply with state and federal banking regulations, and to help the bank better understand your personal financial needs in order to design and improve our products and services.

Employing stringent security measures in the collection of your personal information, all of The Village Bank's electronic account applications are submitted to the bank's secure administration site through an encrypted direct line to the bank. Once received by the bank, only approved personnel may open and process the application. Furthermore, auditing mechanisms are in place to further protect your information by identifying which employees have accessed and in anyway modified, updated, or added to your personal information.

Collection of Information

Information for use by The Village Bank is collected from customers, developed within the corporation, and occasionally obtained from outside sources. This information is used to help us offer superior service and to inform our customers of additional products and services which may be of interest. Nonpublic personal information about you is generally obtained from (1) Information we receive from you or applications or other forms, (2) Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, or others, and (3) Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency.

Information to Third Parties

The Village Bank will not disclose information to third parties concerning our customer's account with us, except: (a) when such disclosure is necessary to complete a customer transaction; (b) the disclosure is required or allowed by law (such as an exchange of information with reputable reporting agencies, subpoenas, or the investigation of fraudulent activity, etc.). or (c) when you give us your written permission. The bank does not sell or provide authorization to the use of customer information to any third parties.

Maintenance of Accurate Information

It is in the best interest of both you and the bank to maintain accurate records concerning your personal information. For this reason, The Village Bank allows you to update your personal information electronically, at any time, through the submission of encrypted e-mail requests to the bank's secure internet administration site. Notification is immediately sent to approved bank personnel alerting them to the receipt of your request. This procedure, along with the ability to contact the bank directly, allows the Village Bank to update your personal information within a timely manner. Inaccurate information, when brought to our attention, is corrected as promptly as possible.

If you have questions regarding your personal information, you may contact a bank representative directly by calling 435-674-5200, or toll free at 888-277-5882.