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Pay your bills online with The Village Bank's online Bill Payment & Presentment. Save time and money each month by going online to view and pay bills. Don't hassle with stamps or writing checks. You can manage all your payees by setting up one-time payments or recurring payments each month. Online Bill Payment is completely FREE for our customers.

Here's how it works:

1. Set up your payee

You will need your bill to provide account number and address for each payee. The program stores the information so you only have to enter this information the first time.

2. Schedule your payment

You put in the amount and the date you want it paid. Online bill pay will give you a deliver-by date when you schedule your payment. Payments usually take between 2 - 5 business days.

3. Payment is sent

The money is deducted from your account and sent to your payee exactly as instructed. You will also receive an email notification that the payment has been received.

Bill Payment Features include:

  • Pay all your bills in one place
  • Receive many of your bills online
  • Save Time - most bills will be paid within 3 -5 business days
  • Save Money - no stamps needed to pay your bills
  • Receive email notifications once the payment has been received

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