Easy Switch
Easy Switch


Switch to The Village Bank with Our 5 Step - Easy Switch Process

1. Open an account at The Village Bank.

Please fill out our Customer Information Form to open your new account. You can either bring it to one of our four offices, or if you would like documents prepared prior to your visit, please fax the form to 435-628-0580. When we receive the form we will call you to schedule an appointment to review account options. We look forward to meeting you personally to welcome you to our bank and to assist with your financial needs.

2. Stop using your old checking account.

Keep the account open until all outstanding checks have cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits have been switched over to your new Village Bank account.

3. Switch your direct deposits.

This requires a written notification to the company or organization that makes direct deposits into your account. Some companies require you to fill out their company form. If that is not the case you can utilize our Direct Deposit Change Form.

To set up direct deposit with your employer, Social Security, or retirement income you will need:

  • Your new Village Bank account and routing number
  • Your employer or institution's address and phone number

4. Switch your automatic payments.

Vendors such as utility companies, mortgage companies will automatically debit your account for the bill. Contact each of the companies to notify them of your new bank account information. If they require written notification to make the switch, use this Automatic Payments Form. Be sure to attach a voided check from your new Village Bank checking account.

5. Close your old account.

Once all your checks have cleared and your automatic payments and direct deposits have been switched, close your old account. Most financial institutions require written notice before you close your account. Allow The Village Bank to assist with this process with the Request to Close Account Form.