The Village Bank offers a variety of financial calculators to assist you in planning your financial needs.

Checkbook Balancer -Use this convenient calculator to help balance your checkbook register to your monthly statement.  All the math is done for you. 

Home Budget Analyzer - Use the budget analyzer to calculate expenses and income to set up a savings plan that fits within your budget.

Loan -Use our Loan Payment Calculator to help you determine the loan financing amount and payment options that are best for you.

Loan Amortization-Use this calculator to calculate principal vs. interest paid plus will help determine loan amount and payment.

Loan Comparison - Use our Loan Comparison Calculator to create a table for the desired information about loan financing amount and payment options.

Mortgage - Use our Mortgage Calculator to help you determine the financing for a mortgage that you potentially qualify for.

Savings - Use our Savings Calculator to help you determine a savings plan to reach your financial goals.

Kids - Use our Kids Calculator to help kids realize how much money they could have tomorrow if they started saving today.

Net Worth- Use this calculator to determine your current net worth.

Consolidate Debt - Use this calculator to manage your credit card debt and plan to pay off your balances.