Through the CDARS® service, we can provide you with easy access to multi-million dollar FDIC protection on your CD investments.

Is the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than $100,000.


One Bank

Everything is handled through The Village Bank.  Your large deposit is broken into smaller amounts and placed with other banks that are members of a special network.  Then, those member banks issue CDs in amounts under $100,000, so that your entire investment is eligible for FDIC insurance.  By working with just one bank – The Village Bank – you can receive insurance from many.


One Rate

You earn one rate on your entire investment – so you can forget about multiple rate negotiations and the need to consolidate multiple disbursement checks.


One Statement

You receive one regular account statement listing all of your CDs, along with their issuing banks, maturity dates, interest earned, and other details.  With CDARS there’s no need to manually consolidate statements, track changing collateral values, or use private surety bonds. 


For information on the program please call Mark Ahrenholtz or Leslie Cox at 435-674-5200.