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E-mailed Statements

Go green with us by receiving your monthly statements via email.  The email will come directly to your inbox.  You won't have to log into another site.  All you need is a simple password to open the attached statement.

To receive your statement via e-mail please click the link below and fill out the form.  In the message field please put  "E-MAIL MY STATEMENT" and a customer service representative will call you to set up a password for your account.



24-hour access by phone for our customers. By calling (435)674-5882 or toll free (888)277-5882, you can access your accounts, check balances, make transfers, verify posted checks, make loan payments, or apply for a loan. This service is free.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your belongings safe in our Safe Deposit Boxes. Boxes are available in the following sizes:
3x5 = $12 per year
3x10 = $24 per year
7x10 = $40 per year
10x10=$50 per year 

Electronic Transfers (ACH)

Your preauthorized ACH debit such as life insurance premiums, utilities, monthly computer service charges, or other bills can be paid directly from your account. For our business customers, options include ACH collection of membership dues, fees or disbursement of your company's payroll.


The Village Bank can wire money almost anywhere in the world. We also accept incoming wires for deposit into your account. When sending money to a foreign country, drafts can be printed in that country's currency for easy cashing.

Visa Debit Card

When making a purchase, funds are deducted directly from your checking account, ATM access to your account and personal line of credit connected to checking account.

ATM Card

Access your accounts 24 hours a day at any ATM featuring the Plus, Visa, Cirrus, MasterCard, Star, American Express, Horizon, or Discover networks.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy peace of mind with automatic deposit of your Social Security, retirement, or payroll checks. After initial setup, funds will be deposited directly to your account. This service is free.


For business customers needing to deposit Federal Taxes using the EFTPS program, The Village Bank can help (debits only).

Foreign Currency

Call any of our four offices for information regarding foreign currency.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available for all occasions. Purchase them online or at any office. Amounts range from $25.00 to $750.00 and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Notary Service

We offer Notary Service for our customers. See the front desk for assistance.